Photography / Time Lapse / Video / Music
Specialising in Construction, Civil Works and Residential projects.

Media Production Visual Communication

Video Production Services

Drive Conversation
Induction video
Testimonial video
Case study video

Engage with your Network
Brand content production
Endorsement and sponsorship files
Video Series
Docu-style entertainment
Behind the scenes
Promotional video production

Raise Awareness
TV Style movie production
Brand video production
Viral Marketing campaigns

Other Services
Architectural Animation & Visualisation, Aerial filming, Animation, Emotional Storytelling, Corporate video production, Marketing video, Animated marketing video production, Video marketing strategy

The BISON music studio composes original soundtracks for genres including: Electro, Bossa, Jazz, Blues, World and Acoustic.
We mix and master all of our work at our own state of the art recording studio just out of Melbourne, Australia, and offer composition, mixing, mastering, and voiceover.

We have a beautiful mix of juicy old analogue gear, and the latest digital editing facilities.
Our in house engineers have numerous years of experience between them, offering expertise in all aspects of music production.
A perfect addition to any construction time lapse or video production.

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