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Specialising in Construction, Civil Works and Residential projects.

Advanced Drone Technology

Aerial Drone Video and Photography

Drone technology systems and solutions transforming Government and business operations.
Our experienced drone ops team focus on best performance, highest efficiencies and powerful results improving on site safety, documenting key program milestones and media opportunities across a diverse range of industries.
Australian Certified UAV Video and Photography Operations
All pilots are insured for public liability and approved by CASA (ReOC) to operate Australia wide

Construction Site Management Monitoring and Marketing
Properties and Facilities Management
Land Use Management and Classification
Environmental Monitoring
Town Planning

Compelling Reasons for Considering Drones
Minimise obvious dangers and health risk
Collection of in-depth and higher detail data
Quick deployment
Flexibility to suit a majority of inspections
Easily shareable data and flexible licensing
Australia wide coverage including remote locations
World Class Tethered Drone System
Improve efficiency of infrastructure monitoring, law enforcement and crisis management
Unlimited autonomy, security, and fast data transfer
Persistent aerial surveillance and traffic monitoring
Demanding industrial inspections

Serious Benefits of a Tethered Drone System
Dramatically increase flight safety and reduce technical errors
Greater control due to reduced spatial area
Longer flight times utilising the grounded power source compared to free flying battery operation
More explicit pictures as tether stabilises drone movement enabling capturing clear photos and video
Secure Livestream technology