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Specialising in Construction, Civil Works and Residential projects.

Longterm Timelapse Camera Installations

Live Site View for Infrastructure, Aviation and Construction Sectors

Over 1 million live images captured of major projects throughout Australia.
View live site images instantly with specialised cross platform and handheld device software
Bison United are industry leaders with the latest in live site view technology available:

  • Secure and reliable data
  • Send live high definition images to staff and clients via App
  • Solar powered custom built camera system
  • Install in ground, on existing light poles, on buildings or on site offices
  • Increased security for staff on site
  • Reduces need to travel to multi-sites to manage project progress
  • Option to produce a marketing timelapse movie of project from commencement to completion
  • 24 hour a day 7 days a week operations
australian servers
delayed uploads
rain data
Image transfer from all our cameras to our in house Australian server and offsite backup server.
View our images on any mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer. Using specifically designed software for that device.
Delay your uploads to your gallery by any timeframe. This gives you the ultimate control when displaying your images.
We gather data by 1 minute increments and this is embedded to your image. Search your images by rainfall strength!
Watermark or brand your site images. Custom branding options available with every project.
Choose an image or have us choose one for you. We can format and email for all your stakeholder requirements.
Choose different Bison library soundtracks when viewing your construction projects slideshow.
3 minute - Social media edits - Branded - ProRes - 4K - Logo animations - Site plan integration - Interviews